George Orwell’s Revenge

I’m not even sure what to say about this. My mind is still trying to digest what I just saw and the article that I just read after spotting a retweet from a friend in Wisconsin.

I’m not going to go off the deep end and turn into crazy apocalyptic Bible guy, but I have said to Crystal for quite some time that whatever Satan’s famed mark of the beast spoken of at the end of Revelation 13 will be something slick.  Something so technologically awesome that will make unlocked 3G iPhones look like primitive versions of mancala. The mark won’t be your fingerprints and will likely not be a barcode, but according to Scripture, it WILL be something prominent either on your right hand or your forehead. So what could it be?  Endless speculations exist and the truth is that no one knows.  What is known is that there will be severe penalties for refusing the mark and great rewards for getting it.  It’s going to make life so much easier.  Why wouldn’t you want this?

Mmmmkay.  Welcome to the future!   I’m a little short on details, but check this video out that was posted by our friends at You can read the whole article about what they’re calling an “LED Tattoo”. It’s pretty trippy!  If you’re really feeling frisky, check out the links at the bottom to other articles on the same thing.

Silicon on Silk

Silicon on silk: This clear silk film, about one centimeter squared, has six silicon transistors on its surface. These flexible devices can be implanted in mice like the one in this image without causing any harm, and the silk degrades over time. The orange liquid on the hair is a disinfectant used during the surgery. Credit: Rogers/Omenetto

Did you see that? It’s like something out of the “Alien” trilogy!  Did you see it moving around and stuff?  Ewwww!  All that I’m sayin’…is that I’m sayin’!  And the sound it makes?  In the movies, I’m cool with it.  In real life it would give me the heebie jeebies.  The whole thing is sick!  Sick as in kind of awesome and sick as I might start puking all over from being grossed out!  My “Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” discernment muscle is a little confused right now.

The fact that Philips is involved means that A) this idea has serious merit (at least in theory) and B) it now has cash behind it and legions of R & D scientists.  So, okay, back to quasi-reality.  Is this LED tattoo thing going to be the long awaited mark of the beast?  I’m going to file it under “possible but unlikely.”

But I bet they’re somehow related.

So just remember that when your great-grandkids come home and want to show you how they can watch movies in the palm of their hand with no external media and can open doors, pay bills, start their cars and take online classes with their new 5th Gen LED Tattoos or something crazy like that.

So, my final assessment after raising tons of questions and offering zero answers as is so typical rampant in the blogosphere?

Freaky, dude.  That’s all I got.

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