Man, I started writing up this huge post and decided to just let what I really wanted to get to speak for itself.

Is that not great?  No wonder even CNN picked this up.  I had a friend E-mail me a link to it the early in the week and it was one of the very few times that I saw a vid before it went viral.  I mean, then whole “double rainbow” thing just totally passed me by.  That has been up now what, almost a year?  Mmmmyeah.  I just heard about that for the first time about a month ago when my brother came for a visit.  So uncool.

Great job repackaging an 0ld story.  Way to make it relavant while still getting the core message out.  Rife with inside references if you are of the Christian faith and know the story well, highly entertaining and still tongue-in-cheek if you don’t.  Relavant.  Funny.  Self-deprecating.  Effectively communicated and told very, very fast with lots of little details that often get missed.

I could go on and on, but again I’ll let it do its own talkin’.  I give it two thumbs and a very shiny red nose up!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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