One small step for man…and two steps back

Been learning to do my own rewiring recently.  Today I was able to convert a dimmer switch to a motion sensor switch without any help.  I know, this is standard stuff for most guys, but due to a bad incident as a kid, I have always shied away things that spark.  My friend Josh has been helping me by letting me watch him, then recently, fielding questions and coming to check my work, etc.  Awesome!  So today I went to tell Josh that I had swapped out a switch on the main floor that we call the “kid room.”  What he realized without me saying so was that I hadn’t called/texted him with any questions about it.  That’s some progress right there!

And then I tripped at the finish line:


Oh, shut your pie hole.  They look like they could be brothers.  They just…aren’t.















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One Response to One small step for man…and two steps back

  1. troy says:

    Two steps forward and one step Quack…hehe

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