I’m Dreaming of a White Breakfast

It finally snowed!  I’ve lived in Kansas City for 13 years now and I don’t remember a winter without snow.  Growing up in Seattle was the opposite; it was really something if it DID snow! Anyway, this morning the kids came down to several inches of perfect snowman-making snow and I was feeling a little nostalgic so I offered to make them pancakes.  Just as I was getting ready to add water to the mix, I had a wild thought and called the kids in.  ”These are very special pancakes.”  I told them.  ”They can only be made this way when it snows for the first time each year.”  They were really excited in that “I’m-not-100%-why-I’m-excited-but-I’m-a-kid-so-who-cares” kind of way.  I had them follow me outside to the deck and I scooped up a couple of double handfuls of snow and mounded it over my pancake mix.  ”You’ve heard of snowflakes?”  ”YES!”  ”Well, these are snowCAKES!”

Dancing.  High 5′s.  More giddy screaming than was really necessary.

So I mixed them up.  It was slightly harder to hand mix really cold batter than it would have been at room temp, but was totally manageable for Super Dad.  Cooked the pancakes on the griddle like normal and instead of the normal syrup and as the final touch, instead of just straight up syrup, they got dusted with powdered sugar.  Hardly a new idea, but they had never seen it so it was awesome for them.  Full bellies.  Full hearts.  Order Up!


No real hidden message other than an affirmation that what your kids really want from you doesn’t come from the store and it was more than what I could fit into 140 characters.


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