Pitter patter, amplified

I love being a Dad. Being a stay at home parent was not really the career path I had in mind and even still there’s a part of me that thinks of myself as a swashbuckling barista, but I will tell you this role has become one of the dearest things to me in my life. Every so often, I get a moment of complete contentment. I try to recognize the moment for what it is and turn on the memory recorder in my brain. This morning, I happened to have my phone nearby when one of these moments happened, so I shot this quick video. It’s sweet. It is the sight and sounds of a house busy with children and each one is happy as a clam. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls; I am so thankful that I have some of each!

I could go on and on with this post, but the main thing was to permanently share this video. Call it just the opinion of a Proud Papa if you like, but this gets a gold star in my book!

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One Response to Pitter patter, amplified

  1. Paula says:

    Loved it! Not many dads get to experience this every day! There’s still time to be the swashbuckling barista!

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